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  • Bird Control

    Bird Control

    There are numerous devices entering the market day by day, however very few have a track record of performance against deterring colonisation of pest birds, we will only provide and install products that are guaranteed to work and will not need to be replaced annually.

  • Pest Control

    Pest Control

    Providing safe eradication of pests to industrial, commercial residential and domestic properties since 1988. Pest management service contracts provided, these will be tailor made to suit your premises and budget. All insecticides and rodenticide used are cleared for professional use in commercial and domestic premises.

  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    As holders of a waste carries licence we can collect and transport waste to a designated refuse site in accordance with "THE CONTROL OF POLLUTION (AMMENDMENT)" ACT 1989. Our environment is precious, we will ensure that waste items cleared from void properties are recycled where possible.

Solar Panel Proofing

Advanced Bird & Pest Control specialise in the proofing of solar panels to large commercial properties, warehouses, industrial properties, retail outlets, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, social housing or small domestic properties, this is achieved by using proven methods of prevention.

Solar Panels provide Feral Pigeons with protection and shelter for nesting and roosting, this will in turn lead to the accumulation of nesting material and guano deposits under the solar panels, which can cause strong odours and risk of secondary insect infestations as well as the roof becoming badly soiled and gutters becoming blocked.

The more solar panels that are installed the more common the problem of Feral Pigeons establishing new roosting and nesting sites to the underside of the solar units, the reason for this is the shelter and protection they provide.

Proofing can be achieved easily and effectively without any damage to the solar panels.

solar panel proofing solar panel proofing

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