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  • Bird Control

    Bird Control

    There are numerous devices entering the market day by day, however very few have a track record of performance against deterring colonisation of pest birds, we will only provide and install products that are guaranteed to work and will not need to be replaced annually.

Bird Control

Anti Pigeon Netting is the ultimate barrier for large or small areas and once installed achieves 100% protection. Polythene Netting, which is rot proof and is UV stabilised is available in black, stone or translucent depending on mesh size, flame retardant is only available in 19mm & 50mm gauge.

Once we have identified the target species, the mesh size and method of fixing would be determined. The netting is then secured to a retaining wire, which once tensioned, allows the netting to be anchored firmly to the area of infestation. We carry an array of fittings, for fixing the netting on to all types of materials/surfaces – and also fabricate individual items when special situations arise.

Anti Pigeon Spikes are an extremely versatile system, which can be installed on to any surface. Comprising of a series of stainless steel wires set vertically into a polycarbonate base, and attached using silicon adhesive. This removes the necessity to drill into your ornate stonework, and can provide protection to the smallest of perching points, lead cornices and pipes.

Anti Perch Sprung Wires are designed to prevent colonisation of Feral Pigeons on parapets, ledges, sills and gutters. It is a completely stainless steel system, consisting of posts, springs and nylon-coated wires.

The conventional Vertical post system can be adapted to suit most situations by welding it to purpose made brackets; and by using the Horizontal rod system we can suspend wires above deep ledges.

The ridge bracket system deters Gulls from perching along a ridge, so preventing the unsightly staining they leave.

PVC Strip Curtains consist of UV stabilized PVC strips hung from a stainless steel track. This prevents the ingress of birds where doorways are in continual use, such as loading bays – it also has the additional benefit of reducing heat loss.

Gull Proofing can be achieved by either netting or spikes, or a combination of both.

Types of gull deterrents include gull spikes for flat roofs and ledges and gull spikes specifically designed for roof ridges and chimneys. All the products we use are designed to prevent gulls landing on your property

Removal of Guano
The removal of guano deposits will be carried out as part of all proofing installations, however major infestations would need to be dealt with separately prior to installation of proofing devices.

Tank Room
Quite often pigeons access tank rooms through broken doors or windows, when this happens it often goes unnoticed for a considerable period of time, this results in an accumulation of guano and carcases in around the tanks which poses a serious health risk from salmonellas and ornithosis as well as associated insect infestations spreading from the tank room into the building.

Control Measures
It is our policy to only recommend methods of control when proofing is not possible or practical.

Case Studies

before after

Before Image Left: Roof plant heavily infested by pigeons resulting in an accumulation of guano and nesting material on and around the air handling units and general plant services. The result of this is blocked drainage gully's, bad smells and fly infestations.

After Image Right: The roof plant has been cleaned using high pressure water jet.

Stadium Net Proofing

Pigeons were perching and roosting above the seating of sports area. The cost effective solution was to net the underside of canopy therefore reducing the annual cleaning costs. The life expectancy of the net is 10 years.

Solar Panel Protection

Pigeons have been perching and roosting under the solar panels causing an accumulation of guano and nesting material, this was removed prior to the installation of 50mm galvanised weld mesh to underside of panels.

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